Luggage General Features

Luggage Measuring - Size Of Baggage

The TSA (Travel Security Admission) website states the size dimensions or carry-on luggage and checked luggage allowed in the cabin vary by airline. Contact your airline or visit their website for more information on specific sizing restrictions prior to flying.

Carry-on luggage, the majority of US. airlines have limitations of about what size limit they allow for a carry-on. For example, most cap the size at 22 in. (22 in. x 14” x  9”) and cannot big bigger than 45 linear inches. This is the length + width + height and includes handles and wheels, meaning 22+14+9 = 45 linear inches. That’s 115 cm = 23 x 36 x 56 cm.

Checked luggage, which means the bigger size luggage 24 in. and over, the majority of US. airlines have limitations on this as well. 

For a more detailed description of what checked luggage and carry-on luggage means, please read the article "Guidelines of Baggage".

Wheeled Luggage - Two-Wheel & Four-Wheel

The Two-Wheeled Luggage:
  • Has In-line blade wheels that are larger and more durable so that they roll better.
  • Great for rolling on uneven surfaces and clearing curbs.

*Requires luggage to be held at an angle for movement

The Four-Wheeled Luggage:
  • Spinner suitcases that are more ergonomic
  • Don’t put as much stress on your shoulders or back to move

Hardside vs. Softside

Softside Luggage: 
  • Has external pockets for more storage space.
  • Depending on how you pack, it can fit one extra item of clothing
  • Most can expand even for more packing space
  • Softsides take shock much better than Hardsides
Hardside Luggage
  • Better protection for the inside contents
  • Better security, not fabric so it can’t be ripped open
  • Generally water resistant
  • Some can be a seat for you if you’re waiting.
  • Easily stackable on top of each other

Luggage Weight

A lightweight luggage can save paying extra in checked baggage fees and is much less stress on your body to move it around.

Be careful. If you use a lightweight suitcase, don't try to overpack it!