Our Mission Statement is to provide all our customers with the highest standards of courtesy, excellence, and satisfaction. Travelers Club® Luggage welcomes opportunities to become your next important, trusted supplier.

In 1986 on the sunny shores of Southern California, Travelers Club®, Inc. (TCL) began its legacy. From the very beginning, our focus has been to provide travelers with stylish, reliable luggage and coordinating travel accessories constructed from the finest available materials and workmanship. Our goal is to create a wide variety of products with superior quality, innovative designs, and competitive price points that meet the demands of today’s market while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

TCL offers a diverse line of products to both domestic and international major retailers and distributors. The company’s unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, value, and superior service has been the key to over 30 years of success.

Looking towards the future, TCL created new signature lines of products named TPRC® (Travelers Polo & Racquet Club®) which we now promote to worldwide operations setting up new dealerships. We, TCL have already secured significant business in China. Adding to TPRC®, TCL has expanded our overseas operations with a Chinese company named YouYou Global™ (YY) which has been exclusively working with TCL as a business partner for procurement of products, quality control and research & development of new design over four years now. YY located in Shanghai, China and its office was equipped with a new state-of-the-art facility showroom and research & development center which create innovative and impressive samples and products along with its own large warehousing facilities meeting the needs of our “worldwide” partner’s and customer’s demand by cutting out the typical 60 to 90 days’ lead time to “less than a week” for shipment from China.

With new developments in style and construction, our growing TPRC® (Travelers Polo & Racquet Club®) signature line and YouYou Global expertly backing and facilitating the direction of TCL corporate, Travelers Club® Luggage, Inc. will soon take its place as a leading contender in the international market! We have already secured significant business in China and plan to move outward to see TCL/TPRC® products in every corner of the globe!

TPRC® (Travelers Polo & Racquet Club®) Signature line of products and accessories has grown significantly in recent years. The popularity of our TPRC® products is such that we will soon be seeking partnership deals to license TPRC® products for sale in other markets. This is yet another example of Travelers Club®’s resolve to take its place as a significant contender in the global market.

The popularity of our products stems from our ability to consistently deliver trendsetting styles that incorporate today’s highly desirable features: the highest quality materials, handle and wheel systems and additional features focused on comfort and convenience. These include (but are not limited to) ergonomic carrying straps for duffels and backpacks, in-line blade wheel systems, structural reinforcement for longer life and our patented “Flex-File®” file system in our business cases and backpacks.

Our goal as a company has always been and will continue to be, to provide the greatest value to our customers. As we own and operate our own manufacturing facilities in China; we have the ability to produce products on demand at a competitive price and within a flexible time frame. Travelers Club®, Inc. factories are designed with the latest technology and equipment.

Our competitive edge is keeping us a leader in today’s fast-paced, budget-conscious marketplace. And soon, this leads us to grow into the international marketplace where the future lies!