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How do I clean my luggage?
We first recommend vacuuming the empty luggage, including pockets, for any loose, unwanted particles. Then, for non-leather soft-sided suitcases, use a non-abrasive damp cloth with an all-purpose cleaner or mild soap to scrub gently. Use a moist cloth to remove any soap residue. Do not soak the baggage. For odor reduction, let the item dry under the sun. This method can also apply to duffels made of polyester or nylon.

For leather bags, always avoid soaking the material. Rub gently with a damp cloth with a mild, moisturizing soap such as Dove. Rinse with a dry towel.

For hard-sided suitcases, simply spray small areas of the bag with an all-purpose cleaner or a mild spray and wipe it off with a cloth. Don’t forget to remove any residue with a dry towel.
For handles and wheels, wipe away stains with a damp cloth with soap. Rinse with a dry towel.

How can I maintain my luggage for future use?
After usage, empty the luggage and be sure to immediately clean it. Typically, a luggage’s primary purpose is to transport clothes as well as lightweight accessories such as books, laptops, and toiletry kits. We recommend not using a luggage outside its intended function. 

Properly storing any luggage after a trip can prevent odor, mold, a defect, cracks, uselessness, etc. When not using a luggage, we recommend placing it in an enclosed, dry environment such as under a bed or inside a closet.